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#6 John Ciambriello Promo 2020 Low Res.j


It All Begins Cover Web 1000X1000 72dpi.

1. It All Begins

2. The Stains Are OK

3. Ordinary

4. Chrysler

5. Fly With the Angels

1. It All Begins


Making our way to the ocean
Tired of all of the forward motion today
Chasing the sun until evening
The windows are down and the road is singing a song
and it makes us sing along

Life moves so fast let’s slow it down to make it last
But don’t you say it’s the end cause now is when it all begins, it all begins, it all begins now


Crossing the valley together
Stopping to look at the beauty whenever we can
Here we go over the mountains
I wouldn’t have done it without you so open to life
As the road it fades to night


Making the most of the moments
We’re gonna be telling our story someday to them
We won’t wish it could have been

2. The Stains Are OK

We try to fight through all the little things
And we're not about to give up on everything that
We've worked so hard to patch up and clean out
Though the stains they will stick around


Life could play dirty the minute you're clean
Give time a chance it will tangle your dreams
And all that you are comes from your yesterday
But it's not bad you're beautiful
The stains are OK yeah the stains are OK


When I was without you sure things were easier
But now that I’ve got you well I know the difference of
A life without cares and all cares in the world
I wouldn't trade in for anything


Please believe me when I say I'll be your friend
To get you through this time
Are you for it well take my hand and then
We'll walk to the other side

Those stains they're OK

3. Ordinary

You've got wings, I've got feet
You bring fresh air to me
You are there when I’m in need
Please don’t fly away

Shooting star from up above
The one I was wishing on
Took my hand and showed me love
But I still don’t know

Where’d you come from, how do you fly
How did you fall, into my life


I am an ordinary, you are an angel
You fell into my story, when I was alone
I don’t know how I got you, or what you see in me
Cause you are an angel I am just ordinary


Tell the world that I’m in love
You're the only one that I am dreaming of
Friendship with devotion
But I still don’t know


Cause you were in my prayer and heaven must've heard me
Cause you showed up out of the thin air
I thought I lost my chance to find the one to Love
But you’re my one to love

4. Chrysler

Chrysler you seem bigger than you did a just before
I'm so glad you considered leading me home once more
The night has been cold and I've been so alone
Walking the streets of New York
Chrysler oh Chrysler


People, walking where yellow bees can sting
No one speaks a word to you unless they're in need of something
The day was so long as I started this song
when I came to the edge of a street
Chrysler dear Chrysler


Silence, Silence, can you hear what I can't say
I needed your lifting words as I went to push through today
Hopes live in dreams and life often seems
to wake us before we can see them
but Chrysler oh Chrysler Chrysler oh Chrysler I'm almost there
Chrysler Chrysler Chrysler


Oh I'm making my way making my way back home
I'm making my way making my way
I can see you making my way making my way
I'm almost there leading me home

5. Fly With The Angels

You have a home in my heart
I won’t stop dreaming of you
You see those gates of white
That’s where we’re going to

Now let me carry you inside


My little girl don’t be scared
You can go and fly fly with the angels
The candy streets you’ll see them there
I’ll hold your hands while you fly fly with the angels


I have a home for her
Where there will be no pain
I was walking by your side giving you strength
So you could bring her back to me
Now let me carry her inside


My little girl don’t be scared
you can come and fly fly with my angels
The candy streets we have them here
I’ll hold your hands while you fly fly with my angels

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